Top 10 Vegetables and Salad to grow

17 . 03 . 21

There is nothing quite like growing your own vegetables – whether you have a garden, a balcony or a few pots or containers. If you haven’t ‘grown your own’ before it can appear a little daunting but it really doesn’t need to.

To get you started please find below a top 10 list of vegetables and salad crops that are good ones to start with. This has been put together by one of our seed suppliers, Thompson & Morgan and features varieties that we sell instore, along with a much wider selection.

  • Salad leaves – Speedy Mix, Nice ‘n’ Spicy Mix, The Good Life Mix
  • Radishes – French Breakfast 3, Rainbow Mixed
  • Potatoes – seed potatoes
  • Peas – Meteor, Eddy
  • Spring Onions – White Lisbon, Performer
  • Broad Beans – Masterpiece Green Long Pod, Express
  • Runner Beans – Hestia
  • Onions and Garlic
  • Tomatoes – Suncherry, Sweet Million, Gardeners Delight
  • Beetroot – Boltardy and Boldor

For further supporting information about when to sow each crop visit here:

Advice is always on hand instore from the Rosebourne team.