In The Garden – Kids Edition

3 . 03 . 21

What better way to get the children involved in your garden plans than with some fun and exciting gardening activities. Here is our first project that you can take a look at and enjoy together.

Growing Potatoes in containers

What you need

  • A bag of multi-purpose compost
  • A bag of seed potatoes (suggest first early and second early varieties)
  • A container to plant them in – we have a selection of containers, pots and grow bags instore although you can use any pot with drainage holes or even heavy duty bin liners (folded down) or shopping bags.
  • Watering can – to get a good crop you need to keep your potatoes well watered.

How to grow potatoes in containers

Traditionally potatoes are bought in January and February to allow enough time for them to ‘chit’ (sprout). They are usually planted out around Easter.

  • Choose and buy your seed potatoes from Rosebourne. We recommend first and second early varieties but ask instore if you need help.
  • Next place them in an egg box in a cool, light place to grow buds. Once the buds are 2cm long the potatoes are ready to plant.
  • 1/4 fill the pot with compost and place the potatoes on top (3-5 potatoes) and then cover over with a layer of compost.
  • As the leaves grow keep covering them up with new compost.
  • Remember to water the container when the compost is dry.
  • Keep topping up with compost until the container is full.
  • Next the potatoes will flower; if these develop into fruits DO NOT eat them- they are poisonous.
  • Stop watering at this point and the potato plants will start to die off above the soil.
  • When the top of the plant has died you can harvest the potatoes. Tip the bag upside down to have a look.
  • If you are not using the potatoes straight away store them in paper sacks in a cool, dark place.

Did you know?

The potato was the first vegetable grown in space!

Happy Gardening!